Startups & Investment Matching | Agenda

Opening Session
09H30 — 09H45
António Dias Martins
Startup Portugal
Navigating the First Round: The Do's and Dont's
09H45 — 10H10
Mike Sigal
Sigal Ventures
VC Backed Resilience: Building Strong and Agile Businesses
10H10 — 10H35
Marcelo Lebre
Christine Esserman
Andreas Klinger
Remote First Capital
Building Big Teams: From Garage to Unicorn
10H35 — 11H00
Benoit Simeray
Barbara Matthews
Patricia Cuenca Margüenda
imatch innovation collective
André Eiras dos Santos
Sword Health
From Risk to Reward: The Stories Behind Investment Wins
11H00 — 11H25
Robin Wauters
Ben Joffe
Igor Ryabenkiy
AltaIR Capital
Sara Gonçalves
Using drones to fly beyond innovation
11H25 — 11H40
Connecting Break
11H40 — 14H00
From 0 to Exit: B-Parts growth powered with AI
14H00 — 14H30
Bernardo Correia
Google Portugal
Luís Vieira
Why Europe is Emerging as a Hotspot for Scaling Startups
14H30 — 14H55
Jon Fath
Sean Seton-Rogers
Sissel Hansen
Startup Guide
Sama Siddiqui
Startup Genome
Show Me the Money: Exploring Startup Funding Channels
14H55 — 15H20
Katy Huang
MAKR Venture Fund
Sandie Costa
Pete Benedetto
Pedro Lami
Behind the Curtain: Lessons Learned from Investment Missteps and Setbacks
15H20 — 15H45
Inês Santos Silva
Portuguese Women in Tech
Neide Vieira
Jason Esseboom
Joyned Capital
Humberto Ayres Pereira
Regulatory Impact on AI: Doing No Significant Harm
15H45 — 16H10
Catarina Peyroteo Salteiro
European Parliament
Luther Lowe
Y Combinator
Kai Zenner
Parlamento Europeu
Manuel Caldeira Cabral
10H15 — 10H20
The great reset: The state of the VC industry in 2024
10H20 — 10H35
Gil Azevedo
Unicorn Factory Lisboa
Pedro Almeida
Pitch Battle
10H35 — 10H50
Impact of Acceleration Programs on Startup Development and Investment
10H50 — 11H05
João Monteiro Fernandes
Plug and Play EMEA Fund Management
Vijaykant Nadadur
Stride.AI Inc
Pitch Battle
11H05 — 11H20
Nurturing startup hubs
11H20 — 11H45
Gil Azevedo
Unicorn Factory Lisboa
Caterina Foà
Casa do Impacto
REVERSE PITCH: Unlocking the power of startups
14H30 — 14H45
Eduardo Barroso
Overcoming Financial Barriers in Tech & Deeptechs Startups
14H45 — 15H00
Guilherme Coelho
Maven Pet
Lurdes Gramaxo
Bynd VC & Investors Portugal
Pitch Battle
15H00 — 15H15
MicroHarvest: preparing to scale up
15H15 — 15H30
Carlos Esteban
Recovery: the key to success
16H25 — 17H00
Miguel Damas
Prime Human Performance
Women Led Ventures: act now to be invested later
10H30 — 11H00
Build your MVP in minutes with the help of generative AI
11H00 — 11H45
Márcio Santos
Google Cloud
The role of Innovation in Energy Transition
12H00 — 12H45
Financial Sustainability
14H00 — 14H45
Carlos Brito
Porto Business School
Navigating taxes: the new tax regime for equity incentive plans
15H00 — 15H45
Bruno Andrade Alves
From Garage to Global: Scaling Startups through International Corporate Partnerships
16H00 — 16H45
Patrícia Almeida
SIM Showcase
09H00 — 17H00
Opening Session
09H30 — 09H45
Investable Value: The Product Founder Mindset
09H45 — 10H15
Sitar Teli
Connect Ventures
Impact in Action: Business & Investment Practices
10H15 — 10H40
António Miguel
maze impact
Paul Miller
Bethnal Green Ventures
Rita Branco
3XP Global
Beyond the Code: Crafting Deep Tech Business Models for the Future
10H40 — 11H05
Verónica Orvalho
Joana Rafael
The Good 'Mafias': How Founders Communities Can be Vital for Startups' Growth
11H05 — 11H30
Ricardo Mesquita
Endeavor Portugal
José Salgado
Anabela Ferreira
Intraplas S. A.
Nuno Pinto
Connecting Break
11H50 — 14H00
Escaping the Pilot Dead Valley
14H05 — 14H30
Ana Casaca
Luís Pedro Cardoso
SaaS Success Blueprint: Scaling Strategies
14H30 — 14H55
Felipe Avila da Costa
Simon Small
SaaS Elevator
Will Bennett
EmpowerHer: Strategic Fundraising for Women Founders
14H55 — 15H20
Responsible AI: What's the role of startups?
15H20 — 15H45
Helena Moniz
Universidade de Lisboa/INESC-ID, Unbabel
Calvary Rogers
Google Cloud AI and Industry Solutions
Carlos Resende
Techstars Startup Digest
Grow a startup or work-life balance: Can a founder have it all?
15H45 — 16H15
Tim Ferriss
Stephan Morais
Indico Capital Partners
Prime Yourself to Success
09H30 — 09H50
Miguel Damas
Prime Human Performance
Maximizing Investment Value in Artificial Intelligence:
10H20 — 10H35
Marcelo Sousa
Pitch Battle
10H35 — 10H50
Pitch Battle
11H05 — 11H20
Google for Startups: Learn about Google’s Acceleration Programs
11H35 — 12H00
Nelson Luciano
Connecting Break
12H00 — 14H30
Inovagaia: Startup with us
14H30 — 14H15
Funding and Scaling Startups From Outside a Tier 1 City
14H45 — 15H00
Michael Cockburn
Pitch Battle
15H00 — 15H15
Cross Innovation: Arts disrupting tech, tech enhancing creativity
15H15 — 15H30
André Forte
Recovery: the key to success
16H40 — 17H00
Miguel Damas
Prime Human Performance
Why is diversity important for my growth?
10H30 — 11H00
SIM Showcase
09H00 — 17H00
Founder Tales Live (Podcast)
10H20 — 11H20
Álvaro Samagaio
Founder Tales
Diogo Malafaya
Founder Tales
Cristina Fonseca
Indico Capital
André Jordão
Speed Meet our Ecosystem Players
11H20 — 12H00